Ilwaco Town

(Song by: Hobe KytrPerformed by: Hobe Kytr and Dave Berge – Song Notes)

Hobe Kytr

Hobe Kytr


Went down to old Ilwaco town just the other day
Down by ____ and off in Baker’s Bay
Met an old fisherman aged as the sea
And these are the very words that he said to me

I been fishing these waters now for many long years
And when at last my time has come I will shed no tears
This old river’s ben a friend of mine it’s given life to me
Just like this old river I’m gonna end up in the sea

Oh the sea was what gave me back I’ve use it best I could
So when I die don’t bury me in no coffin made of wood
I’ll just fish these waters like I’ve done ‘til death comes calling me
I’ll just jump into that river and drown and go back to the sea


  • Song by Hobe Kytr
  • Performed on CD by Hobe Kytr and Dave Berge
  • Recorded by Alan Garren of Waltzing Bear Studios

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