About Maritime Folknet

Maritime Folknet is a federal 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving maritime culture and history, and encouraging people to explore and participate in that culture and history. We do this primarily through the music that highlights our boats and the people who work them, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

We create programs and events that celebrate our maritime heritage, educate the public, and advocate preserving it. We collaborate with other organizations and individuals to bring these programs to the public. We are funded by memberships, public grants, and private donations.

We hold an annual members party to socialize and discuss our annual report.

We create paying opportunities for maritime musicians to perform for the public at free or low cost events, and we have released compilation CDs of Northwest maritime music.

Learn more about our programs, music CDs, board, and opportunities to get involved.

The Mission of Maritime Folknet:

To encourage a wide spectrum of the public to participate in celebrating, generating, learning, and preserving maritime culture both past and present, especially the songs of life and work on the waters of the greater Pacific Northwest; and

To collaborate with other organizations and individuals to advocate and encourage the preservation of maritime heritage for the education and enjoyment of the public.

Maritime Folknet is a non-profit organization.  For more information, email us at contact@maritimefolknet.org