CD cover for Maritime Folknet's "The Songs of Alice Winship: From Land to Sea"

The Songs of Alice Winship: From Land To Sea

From her family’s farm in Eastern Washington State to her love of ships and the maritime history of the Northwest, Alice Winship brought history to life with her songs and poems.

She dedicated her final year to two endeavors: Passing on the family farm, and releasing her songs out to the world. The community gathered to complete this CD for her.

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1. Working Town – Alice Winship
2. The Arthur Foss Came Back – Dan Roberts
3. Coming Home – Lynn Applegate, Bob Jackson
4. Ghostly Voices – Chris Roe
5. The Great Missoula Floods – Helen Gilbert
6. Ships of Light – Mary Wilson
7. Run Behind the Plow – Lynn Applegate
8. Death Rides A Fast Horse – Hank Cramer
9. The Chittenden Locks – Alice Winship
10. The Pacific Waits – David Kessler
11. Bar Pilots – Tania Opland
12. Years Plowed Under – Chris Roe
13. Steamboat Comin’ – Laura Bassett
14. Ghost Squid Intro – Alice Winship
15. Ghost Squid – William Pint & Felicia Dale
16. The Bridge of the Gods – Alex Sturbaum
17. Wooden Boat Festival – Wayne Palson
18. Pulling All together – Lynn Applegate
19. Winter Night – Laura Bassett
20. Headed Out For Home – Wendy Joseph
21. Boxes in the Dark – Alice Winship

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