The Fish Ladder Song

(Song by: Sheldon Rosevear¬† –¬† Performance Notes below)

Sheldon Rosevear

Sheldon Rosevear


Let’s take a trip to the Ballard Locks
Let’s take a walk across the top
To the viewing room on the southern side
And watch all the fish swim by

The fish swim the ladder up into the lake
The fish swim the ladder on their way to make
The next generation of fish to take
Their turn on the ladder some day

At the Ballard Locks there’s a lot to see
The arboretum is full of trees
Boats come and go of every size
By the fish ladder on the south side


Look through the window and see the fish
Coming back home from sea
Look through the window and wonder if
Are the fish looking at me?! (what do you think?)


(Repeat 1st verse)


  • Words and music by Sheldon Rosevear
  • Performed by:
    • Sheldon Rosevear (lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar, whistling)
    • Norman Baker (bass)
  • Recorded at Jack Straw Cultural Center

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