Boston Men

(Song by: Brownsmead FlatsPerformed by: Brownsmead Flats – Song Notes)

Brownsmead Flats

Brownsmead Flats


‘Twas 1790 we stood in Cape Cod
Preparing our ship for the trip we now lod
And we weighed and set sail on one October morn
Bound for New Albion by way of Cape Horn
31 sailors and off we had sworn
To sail with the Boston Men

The ship was Colombia, pride our land
The first round the world under U.S. command
The Captain ‘twas said a bold man was he
His name Robert Gray his mission the sea
A claim to a river was his destiny
To sail with the Boston Men

In June ‘91 we reached the fur grounds
And we lowered our bower in clay of (quod?)S sound
Many natives brought furs in their cedar canoes
We traded with copper and it never refused
And all summer long we did trade and cruise
And did sail with the Boston Men

Through winter we anchored inside a small cove
By spring we set sail and we’re ready to rove
And so close to the coast our bold captain did sail
That many man feared we’d be beached like a whale
But even in peril or skill did prevail
We sailed with the Boston Men

‘Twas May ‘92 while sailing down south
We spotted a harbor and ran for the mouth
And crossing the bar we found this to be
A river of fresh water flowing to the sea
A river we named for the ship upon which
We did sail with the Boston Men

Now for centuries legends and myths have persisted
Claiming a great Northwest passage existed
And on that fine day the 11trh of May
Our ship crossed the bar and the legends gave way
And only a few lucky sailors can say
That they sailed with the Boston Men


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