Years Plowed Under

Alice Winship Family Farm in Warden
Alice Winship Family Farm in Warden

By Alice Winship

Chorus: Sun comes up
            Sun goes down
            Autumn holds the hope of Spring, the seasons circle round
            The morning fields shine bright in a sunrise of wonder
            Our memories hold the roots of the years plowed under

A field of wheat is dancing waves with life held in each head
It’s waiting for the harvest to become our daily bread
A field of beans is magic as the life twists in each vine
The leaves are stained glass glowing in a living emerald shine


The plow moves on and turns the dead dry stalks down in the earth
They make the soil grow richer waiting for the Spring’s new birth
The roots uncoil in secret and put out their new green shoots
Then verdant growth of Summer whispers of the harvest fruits


Our memories keep the seasons like a jar of fruit is canned
A fragile piece of china treasured by a vanished hand
An album full of pictures holds the light of other days
While on the stove the kettle whistles breakfast on the way



This song is inspired by my experiences growing up on a farm in eastern Washington. The title is inspired by a book of the same title that recalls the memories of Leo F. Vogel, a resident of Connell, Washington. Fragile pieces of china are family heirlooms and the whistling steam kettle still sits on the stove waiting to make breakfast for you.


  • Written by: Alice Winship
  • Arranged by: Alex Sturbaum
    • Chris Roe: lead vocal
    • Mary Wilson: harmony vocal
    • Alex Sturbaum: guitar

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