Fundraising Concert

June 26th, 2020 4:00pm PDT
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Maritime Folknet, Fundraising concert 2021

We’re a nonprofit, dedicated to maritime heritage, music, boats, the Pacific Northwest. We do that on a small budget, so occasionally we gather a lineup of Pacific Northwest maritime singers to help us raise funds so we can keep programming great events (concerts, workshops, festivals), and paying artists for their work!

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The Line Up

Spanaway Bay

Spanaway Bay
Hometown and International performers singing old and new songs of the sea.” From the rocky shores of Spanaway Bay, south of the Puget Sound and directly above the center of the earth, sail the rollicking folk duo Spanaway Bay. Kent and Carol have been engaging audiences throughout the Puget Sound with an eclectic mĂ©lange of Maritime, Celtic, English, and American folk songs.

Northshore Ramblers

Northshore Ramblers
Father/daughter duo Bob Jackson and Lynn Applegate have been singing and playing folk music together for over 40 years. They perform locally at the Northwest Folklife Festival, on a radio show, and at a variety of community concerts. Bob is an accomplished banjo and guitar player who enjoys playing sea shanties, bluegrass, folk music, and comedic songs. Lynn specializes in contemporary folk music and re-configuring traditional music of all genres.

Alex Sturbaum
Laura Bassett

Laura Bassett & Alex Sturbaum
With ballads, chorus songs, and a repertoire that draws from all over, Laura and Alex will sing something that you’ve never heard before and leave you humming it for weeks after.

Strikes A Bell

Strikes A Bell
Strikes A Bell is a Seattle based singing group specializing in sea chanteys (shanties) and sea songs. Formed in 2013, they perform at maritime events, and several of their members are mainstays of the monthly Northwest Seaport chanteysing.

Mike & Val James

Mike & Val James
Mike and Val James have been performing and leading sings for decades. Their repertoire includes maritime, traditional folk, jazz standards, 60s favorites, and kid’s music. Mike was part of the original “Victory Sings at Sea“, and they recorded two CDs of maritime music with ‘Constellation’s Crew’, an assemblage of Northwest musicians led by Hank Cramer.

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